Crayfish Capers (Exhibitor of the Week)

Crayfish Capers was created two years ago to both inform and educate about the Signal Crayfish through fantastic food. These troublesome crustaceans were introduced in the 60’s to supply a new and exciting product. But when the fortunes didn’t materialize the Crayfish, in many cases, were left to their own devices, and survival is their speciality. Now thriving in many of our waterways in massive numbers the trouble is beginning to bite.
But, on the positive side, they taste GREAT.


Signal Crayfish Mixed Paella
Come and join our cause by seeing and tasting the brilliant food that these pests create.
Signal Crayfish Mixed Paella served all day and always contains fresh trapped Crayfish that makes our Paella the freshest possible and has the taste to proves it.
Just think the freshest seafood right in the middle of England, who’d have thought it.
Signal Crayfish & Smoked Salmon Fish Finger Sandwich
Everyone loves a Fish Finger Sandwich, well why not try our specialty whilst enjoying something new. Signal Crayfish & Smoked Salmon Fish Finger Sandwich, made from our local Signal Crayfish and lovingly blended with the finest smoked salmon. The taste is beautifully balanced to show ofood festivalff both of these great ingredients. Serve between two slices of fresh white bread with a choice of four sauces.
Crayfish Capers Ltd, EA Licensed trappers since 2004
‘Doing what we can for the our Rivers’
Mark Lees of Crayfish Capers will be appearing in the Food Roadshow on both days of the Food Festival.

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