Floppy Chicken (Exhibitor of the Week)

My husband Stephen and I have never been ones to stick with the traditional boundaries of cooking. We are always trying new tastes, using different ingredients to spice up everyday meals and experimenting with different cooking methods.

About two years ago we were entertaining some friends and my husband as usual wanted to do something out of the ordinary.

His idea was to try and replicate something he had once seen a chinese chef demonstrate, completely de-bone a whole bird and to my surprise it worked. I made a sage, onion and sausage meat filling and generously stuffed the whole chicken.

We served the chicken as part of a traditional Sunday roast, with all the trimmings to our guests and it was met with great excitement and enthusiasm. One of our guests suggested that we could sell these chickens as it was such a unique and convienient product. From that moment we started toying with the idea of producing and selling our chickens to the general public.

At first we started off slowly selling to just friends and family, until we realised how popular ‘Floppy Chicken’ was becoming through word of mouth alone!

We managed to secure places on monthly farmers markets around Lincolnshire, such as Oundle, Oakham, Sleaford and Sandringham and to our amazement all markets have been and still are a great success.

The details we would like you to know…

The Floppy Chicken Company is registered with South Holland District Council and has recently received a Four Star Hygiene Rating. Our Rating is published on the Food Standards Agency Website please click here to find us.

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