Supreme Sausages (Exhibitor of the Week)

Supreme Sausages is a small family run business, who pride themselves in supplying the nation with the very finest Great Supreme Sausages at the Nottingham Food and Drink FestivalBritish sausages. Ranging from the award winning traditional sausage to the more gourmet variety.

Supreme Sausages has three generations of the family working to produce the Great British Bangers. After 20 years perfecting our recipes we now have 12 mouth-watering varieties, using only quality British farmed pork, fresh herbs, spices, chilli, garlic, tomatoes, apples, mushrooms, honey, stilton and also wine and cider to marinate. All of these ingredients are combined to produce a comprehensive range of the very finest Pork Sausages, which are filled into hog casings the old fashioned way.

All the pork used in Supreme Sausages is British Quality Assured and of the very highest quality, lean but with just the right amount of fat to give it that succulent flavour and texture which reflects a true quality British Sausage

Only the very best seasoning salts, peppers, herbs and spices, blended to our very own special recipes, creates our  superb range of Supreme Sausages.

Check out Some of their sausages!

supreme sausages nottingham food festivalFire Sausage, not for the faint-hearted!

These sausages are very Hot!! We have seen grown men cry and ladies take off!!

You really must like chillies to enjoy our Fire Sausage, Naga King Chilli (Bhut Jolokia) is reputed to be one of the hottest chillies in the world and we add plenty to this recipe.

If you wish to tame our Fire Sausage down, we suggest adding these to a tomato based sauce…  Or just go for it?


supreme sausages at Nottingham Food FestivalPork, Apple and Cider

is a very popular sausage. We marinate our pork in cider for 24 hours to infuse full flavour, add chunky chopped apples and fill out into natural hog casings. It is the perfect sausage for cider lovers and great with our Sticky Onion Gravy (see Recipes). Or … simply fire up the barbecue and accompany with more cider.

Pork, Apple and Cider sausages are great for dinner parties. These will make sausage and mash more memorable. This is one not to miss and has a truly mouth-watering taste but do be warned they are very, very moorish and will keep your guests coming back for more.

We use natural casings for all our sausages  These are hand linked in the traditional way, then hung in refrigerators until the sausages have dried and settled, allowing the seasoning time to infuse the pork.

And what really wins the Supreme Sausage Company over for me, as wife and mother to two coeliacs, is their huge range of delicious gluten free sausages.  Check their website out for more details on these. My son loves them!

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